Youth Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz Nike Green Game Jersey

Youth Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz Nike Green Game Jersey
Youth Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz Nike Green Game Jersey

Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys His numbers have been dropped. His confidence sure has not.

Carson Wentz, the lowest-rated quarterback in the NFL over the last six weeks, said he feels as confident as ever as the Eagles enter a six-game season-ending stretch that will determine whether they reach the playoffs for the first time in franchise History with a rookie quarterback.

The Eagles have lost five of their last seven games – all seven opponents currently have a wins record – and are 5-5 going into a Monday night nationally televised game at the Linc against the Packers, who’ve lost four straight, lets nearly 40 Points per game during that losing streak.

The Packers sure seem to be a team Wentz recapture his form against.

Wentz through Week 4 had completed 67 percent of his passes for 252 yards per game with seven touchdowns and one interception, good for a 103.5 passer rating.

In six games since, he’s completed 61 percent of his passes for 222 yards per game with four TDs, six INTs and a league-worst 72.4 passer rating.

“I think just for me, the experience has been huge,” Wentz said. “It’s every week there’s something new that happens. There’s a new situation, new outside things that are happening, just every week something new to learn.

“It’s hard to say if I’m better or worse, but I
Cheap nfl Jerseys just know I’m learning a lot. I’m getting valuable experience and I’m playing confident.

“Mistakes are going to happen, that’s football. But you know, I’m playing faster and faster every week, feeling good with the playbook, feeling good with what I’m seeing from the other team, so I think it’s just as a Unit we’ve all got to keep learning and keeping elevating our game every week.

Wentz is already the first Eagles rookie quarterback ever to start 10 games. This is only the third time in the last 25 years only one Eagles quarterback has thrown a pass in the first 10 weeks of a season. Randall Cunningham did it in 1994 and Donovan McNabb in 2001.

Although Wentz’s rookie year has paled in comparison to Dak Prescott’s, he’s still enjoying a historic season.

His 84.2 passer rating projects as the eighth-highest ever by a rookie, his 63.2 completion percentage would be fifth-best ever and his five wins match the eighth-most ever by a rookie through 10 games. His 234 yards per game would be be fifth -highest.

Yet the focus lately has been on what Wentz has not done. Not what he has done.

“I think we’re close,” Wentz said. “We watch the tape and you just see little things, but the little things add up. But we know we’re right there.

“Obviously, we’ve got a lot of young guys, myself included, that are getting all this experience, all these learning opportunities and we see them all. We see them … we’re right there. So we know we can do it . We have have to fine-tune our details and we’ll be all right.

Some things here and there whether it be protections, whether it be reads, whether it be locking onto guys every now and then. They’re just little things that I need to ( Work on to keep keep and keep maturing in this offense.

It’s easy to focus on the negative, and Wentz’s numbers did not look great last weekend in Seattle.

But considering who he was facing and where he was facing them?

Think of it this way: Wentz last Sunday became only the sixth opposing quarterback in the last five years to throw for 200 yards with two touchdowns in Seattle. The others are Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady.

Put Wentz’s performance in context. He’s a rookie from a FCS school who did not play that much in college and was the Eagles’ third-stringer three months ago.

He’s not getting a whole lot of help from anybody around him. And still, he’s putting up numbers that compare favorably with just about any rookie who ever played quarterback in the NFL.

Most important, Wentz understands his deficiencies and is committed to eliminating them.

And we’re so close. I keep saying that and it Cheap jersey wholesale probably sounds like a broken record, but we all know it. We all see it. “We’ve got to get the little things right,” he said. . We all put on the game tape.

So I think for me it’s just executing, it’s being smart with the football, it’s knowing when to take my chances. That’s something I’m continuing trying to learn and walk that fine line every week – when to take chances and when to protect The ball.

“It’s something we’re all learning together, but we’re right there at the same time.”

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