Youth Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce Nike White Game Jersey

Youth Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce Nike White Game Jersey
Youth Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce Nike White Game Jersey

Cheap nfl Jerseys Chiefs’ Travis Kelce evolves into an elite tight end

THE HOUSE ON West Nixon Street in Cincinnati was quite nice before the football players moved in, with five bedrooms. For a college kid, it was practically a palace. But testosterone and Natty Lights are a dangerous mix, and soon the walls were pocked with holes, the tables were covered in takeout boxes and the air carried the funk of a locker room.

This was Travis Kelce’s last hope: a crowded house and a year of penance. He had no money, no scholarship and no prospects. He’d just been kicked off the football team at the University of Cincinnati for smoking marijuana. Before this, everything in his first 20 years always seemed to come easy. People at Cincinnati say Kelce was so talented that he probably could have played on the football, basketball and baseball teams. He could throw a 94 mph fastball barely trying. But now Kelce had nothing.

Cheap jersey wholesale His big brother, Jason, a center for the Bearcats, offered him a bed in the football house on Nixon Street, but there was a catch: They’d have to share a bedroom, and Travis would have to turn things around before all the gifts he had went to waste.

It was quite a collection of characters in that house — Derek Wolfe, future defensive end for the Denver Broncos; Jason Kelce, now a center for the Philadelphia Eagles; and Zach Collaros, now a quarterback in the CFL.

While they prepared for the 2010 season, Travis took a telemarketing job and sat in a tiny cubicle doing surveys on Obamacare. People would yell at him about the government stealing their money, and Kelce made $8 an hour and felt depressed.

“All I had been doing is playing outside, playing sports my entire life,” Kelce says. “I had never sat down and tried to earn a living like that. That’s not to hit on anybody’s 9-to-5; that’s just not for me.

“The light at the end of the tunnel was that if I do what I’m supposed to do instead of being a knucklehead, I can have a way better life than this.”

Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys Because of his speed, his size and his personality, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has drawn comparisons to New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

TRAVIS KELCE IS on his cellphone after practice on Monday afternoon when he’s asked what he’d change about the NFL, and the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs is stumped. Kelce doesn’t have many complaints. He’s having the time of his life.

That come-to-Jesus moment at Cincinnati forced Kelce to change his work ethic and shaped his focus, and now Kelce has evolved into an elite tight end. But it also taught Kelce to stop and enjoy everything that comes his way.

He was virtually unstoppable in the final seven games of the season, catching 43 passes for 659 yards. He had four straight 100-yard games, one shy of an NFL record.

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