Tom Brady set NFL fashion trend with scuba gear under uniform

tom-bradyCheap nfl Jerseys New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady celebrates his touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, in Foxborough, Mass.

Tom Brady has always had an eye for fashion, and it appears he’s started a clothing trend on the football field as well.

Early in Brady’s career, the Patriots hosted the Tennessee Titans for a bitterly cold playoff game, and the wind chill dipped to 11 below. The California native took an inventive approach to try and stay warm.

“I used to have a scuba top that I would wear and I think I first started doing that in 2004 in the freezing cold Tennessee playoff game and I experimented with it then,” Brady said on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan Show this morning. “Matt (Cassel) was here right after that, so I think I probably wore it for like three or four years in the winter and then I think some of the technology in the clothing that we wear has just gotten a little more flexible so I just tend to wear a couple of layers, which are pretty warm at the end of the day.”

Cheap jersey wholesale While Brady may not be wearing the scuba gear anymore, the idea is still alive with the latest generation of quarterbacks. The Uggs spokesman shared that 23-year old Marcus Mariota wore the scuba top for a frigid game against the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season. He picked up the tip from Cassel, now a fellow Titans quarterback.

“It’s not the most comfortable thing, but I don’t think you’re going to be super comfortable when it’s 10 degrees out anyway,” Brady said. “You try and insulate your body heat and go from there. I know he did it and I know Matt did it this year when they played at Kansas City with Tennessee because I talked to Matt and he had Marcus do that too when they played at Kansas City a few weeks ago. It’s a good tip and a really good thing to use, especially if you’re not used to this climate.”

The Patriots rarely seem fazed by poor weather, and Saturday’s 41-3 win over the Jets in a cold rain at Gillette Stadium was no exception. While the Pats offense didn’t miss a beat, the CBS broadcast team was left to note that the Jets offense was likely out of sorts because rookie quarterback Bryce Petty said he had never played in the rain before.

Brady credited the coaching staff with always preparing the Pats for the elements.

New England Patriots Jerseys “Coach Belichick believes what you’re going to play in you should practice in and we have that nice indoor practice facility that we never use because we practice outside basically every day, unless it’s just horrendous weather,” Brady said. “We’re outside practicing in the weather so I think dealing with the change in weather. If it’s rain like the other day, or snow, or wind, I think all of those things help improve you as a player because you have to improve that mindset.

“Coach will say before the game, ‘Look, we’re not playing the weather. We’re not playing the refs. We’re not playing the crowd. We’re playing the Jets. That’s who we’re playing so focus on who we’re playing.’ You know what, that is a very important thing. I’ve seen people come into our stadium and worry all those things. You can see them fussing around with different things and we practice in it everyday so we know how many layers of clothing to wear because it’s 20 degrees out. We’ve had some freezing cold days this year. We go out there and practice in it and I think that really helps your attitude and your mental toughness, which is ultimately what football comes down to.”

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