Pro Line Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Big & Tall Team Color Jersey

Pro Line Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Big & Tall Team Color Jersey
Pro Line Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Big & Tall Team Color Jersey

The conversation Cheap nfl Jerseys worth having right now is the one about Tom Brady. Because Tom Brady is incredible.

Brady had to miss four games because of Ballghazi, and he’s largely been without his best offensive weapon in Rob Gronkowski. Yet none of it has mattered. Brady still went 11-1 as a starter—and was within one yard of forcing overtime in the game he did lose—while posting some of the best numbers of his storied career. And by the time next season starts, he’ll be 40 years old. Like, huh?

It’s true that the Patriots operate with the persistent precision of the Antikythera mechanism, 16 years (and counting) as a league powerhouse. But there’s also the way they battened things down to withstand Brady’s absence and won three of four games with a pair of completely Cheap jersey wholesale inexperienced quarterbacks. If Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett proved the superiority of the Patriots’ system—as Matt Cassel once did during an entire season in which Brady was injured—then Brady’s performance since his return has only reinforced his status as a transcendent talent. At an age when most great quarterbacks are exerting themselves to make pizza commercials or tee times, Tom Brady seems to be getting better. How is that possible?

By all accounts, Brady has the discipline and devotion of a Benedictine monk. His workout regimen and general abnegation has been well-chronicled. During his suspension, he told Dayna Evans of New York magazine he’s never consumed coffee or eaten a strawberry. “Sometimes we’ll go over to Tom and Gisele’s house for dinner,” Brady’s father told Mark Lebovitch of the New York Times Magazine two years ago. “And then I’ll say afterward, ‘Where are we going for dinner?’” Brady has said he wants to play for another 10 years; I was among those on a conference call who laughed when he said that. But how has he given anyone any reason to doubt him?

Which isn’t to say that Brady is the same quarterback he’s always been. Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels—who’s now a hot head-coaching candidate again—had adapted the passing game in recent years to rely heavily on short, quick throws out of sets that frequently include three or more receivers, which has since become an NFL norm. It’s a strategy that takes advantage of the entire width of the field, creates mismatches, and neutralizes blitzes, thus allowing Brady to endure fewer hits that might New England Patriots Jerseys otherwise shorten his career. Brady could always throw it deep with the best of them—back in 2007, when the Pats ripped through the regular season without a loss and Brady led the league in just about every statistical category, he threw 84 passes that traveled 20 yards or more, according to Pro Football Focus. This year, he attempted just 49. But his passer rating on those deep balls in 2016 was 118.2, which was better than the deep-ball rating of 100.7 he had during that sensational ’07 run.

In 2007, however, Brady could launch the ball to Randy Moss; he has no Moss-like deep threat this year. He also only got to play six games with Gronk, and Gronk wound up leaving two of those games early. Yet you wouldn’t know it. Brady still completed touchdown passes to nine different pass catchers. Per PFF, his passer rating on third down (127.7) and on play-action passes (128.1) was the best in the league. PFF also tracks something called turnover-worthy throws; Brady had the lowest percentage of them (0.81 percent) of any quarterback in the NFL. And according to another PFF metric, adjusted completion percentage, Brady ranked third (79.5 percent). He’s been so dominant that his 28:2 touchdown-to-interception ratio set an NFL record.

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