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New England Patriots JerseysNew England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft: Tom Brady Wants To Play Six Or Seven
Tom Brady, the future Hall of Famer and potentially the greatest quarterback in NFL history has expressed to Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft the desire to play for another six or seven years. According to that timeline, Brady would be 46 or 47 years old, unprecedented for nearly any player in the NFL — especially at the quarterback position. The legendary quarterback certainly has an undying passion to continue to play football, but it is worth noting how this could effect the contractual situation of backup quarterback Jimmy Garappolo, who is set to become a free agent after the 2017 season.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft suggested this week that Tom Brady might play “six to seven more years” even as he sits at age 40.

It has always been the mantra of head Cheap jersey wholesale coach Bill Belichick to have a penchant to get rid of a player a year early as opposed to keeping them a year too late, but it would seem that Tom Brady is the one exception to this rule.

Brady is entering his 18th season as a Patriot, with 12 Pro Bowl’s and two first-team All-Pro selections to go along with two NFL MVP awards and four Super Bowl MVP awards. The accolades are numerous and staggering in comparison to other legendary quarterbacks, especially considering Brady’s age and durability. In fact, his limited injury history is also quite remarkable, as Brady has suffered only one major injury in his lengthy career.

He is coming off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, defeating the Atlanta Falcons in dramatic fashion. He has a career record of 183-52 along with 61,000 yards passing, 456 touchdowns and a 97.2 QB rating over his career.

While owner Robert Kraft clearly holds him dear, he might even wonder if Brady can play as long as he says he plans to. There is a history of quarterbacks who have played into their early 40’s, but most do not thrive. However, Tom Brady has certainly proven that he can’t be evaluated using conventional wisdom.

The Patriots have the ninth most salary cap space in the league, but Brady’s hit is the greatest of all the players on the team, rightfully so. The 17-year veteran has earned over $196 million during his career playing for the Patriots, and the team faces a cap hit of $14 million and $22 million in the next two seasons. According to Sportrac, Brady actually took home the highest amount in his career last season when he earned $28 million.