Men’s Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Pro Line Black Reverse Fashion Jersey

Men's Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Pro Line Black Reverse Fashion Jersey
Men’s Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Pro Line Black Reverse Fashion Jersey

Seattle Seahawks Jerseys When the winner of the 2016 NFL MVP award gets announced on Saturday night, there’s a good chance that it’s either going to go to Matt Ryan or Tom Brady.

Although Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doesn’t get a say in who wins the award, he does know who he would vote for if the NFL asked him to pick a winner, and the answer might surprise you.
“I think Matt Ryan, it’s been his year,” Wilson told NFL Network this week, via “In my opinion, he’s probably the MVP, in my opinion, just because of the success that he’s had on the football field and how he’s overcome from the year before — he didn’t have a great year before — and he was able to overcome those situations.”
If anyone is qualified to pick an MVP this year, it’s Wilson.
The consensus top-three MVP Cheap nfl Jerseys candidates this season are Brady, Ryan and Aaron Rodgers and Wilson has seen them all play up close as the Seahawks played the Falcons, Patriots and Packers in 2016.
As a matter of fact, the Seahawks were the only team in the NFL this year to beat both Super Bowl participants. Back in Week 6, the Seahawks topped the Falcons 26-24. That was followed up four weeks later with a 31-24 win over the Patriots in Week 10.
Of the big three MVP candidates in 2016, the only one who beat Wilson was Rodgers, who led the Packers to a 38-10 win over Seattle in Week 14.
Despite that beatdown, Wilson would still give the award to Ryan, who’s statistically having one of the best quarterback seasons in NFL history. (To read more about Ryan’s season, you can check out Will Brinson’s breakdown on why the Falcons quarterback is the easy choice for MVP this year).
Anyway, the fact that Wilson
Cheap jersey wholesale shared who he would vote for is somewhat of a surprise, considering the fact that he rarely likes to delve into anything that could be viewed as slightly controversial. Apparently, the Seahawks quarterback has decided not to go into robot-mode this offseason. Besides casting a pretend MVP vote, Wilson also made headlines this week when he said that Donald Trump might not last four years in the White House.
As for Ryan, Falcons fans better hope Wilson is wrong about his MVP choice because winning the award has been a bad omen lately. Since 2000, no NFL MVP has gone on to win the Super Bowl. In that span, MVPs are 0-7 on the NFL’s biggest stage.

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