Men’s Raiders #24 Charles Woodson Anthracite 2016 Christmas Gold Salute to Service Jersey

Men's Raiders #24 Charles Woodson Anthracite 2016 Christmas Gold Salute to Service Jersey
Men’s Raiders #24 Charles Woodson Anthracite 2016 Christmas Gold Salute to Service Jersey

Oakland Raiders Jerseys Charles Woodson may be retired, but he still plans on intercepting you.

Why? Well, your former University of Michigan teammate still has rather strong feelings about a certain play from the 2001 NFL playoffs when he dislodged the ball from your hand on a corner blitz, appearing to cause a turnover that would send Woodson’s Oakland Raiders to the AFC Championship Game.

“Game over, or so we thought,” Cheap nfl Jerseys Woodson recalls in the newest installment of NFL Network’s Emmy-nominated series A Football Life. “The more time went on, the more everybody on the sidelines was like, ‘I think we’re about to get screwed.’ That’s the worst call in the history of … all sports. All the air was let out of the Oakland Raiders. After that happened, we never recovered.”

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Woodson is, of course, referring to the infamous “Tuck Rule,” which was abolished in 2013 but first ruined the Raiders’ Super Bowl aspirations in 2001 while helping launch Brady’s dynastic run with the New England Patriots.

“Tom owes me,” Woodson continues. “But you know what? Me and Tom have never talked about that play. And so I imagine maybe sometime, maybe I’ll just sit down with him in a lonely bar somewhere, just me and him, and I’ll just ask him point blank: ‘Tom, just tell me, if you could just tell everybody in the world what it was, what was it?’ I know what he would say.”

It’s just one memorable chapter from Woodson’s unique football journey. He remains the lone player to win the Heisman Trophy despite primarily playing defense, beating out Peyton Manning in 1997 for good measure. He’s the only player in NFL history to compile 20 career sacks and 60 interceptions (actually 65). His 13 defensive touchdowns are tied for most in league history.

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However, forget the resume for a minute. Woodson retired after the 2015 season at age 39 as one of the NFL’s most respected leaders. But did you know how he was regarded when he entered the league as a first-round pick in 1998? He was the 2009 defensive player of the year for the Green Bay Packers and helped lead them to a Super Bowl title the following season. But did you know about his tense first meeting with Aaron Rodgers in 2006, or why coach Mike McCarthy almost suspended Woodson from the team?

“Don’t try to put me in a box, because I ain’t going,” Woodson admits in a candid look at his life, from a challenging childhood in Ohio to his ongoing philanthropy at Michigan.

And Woodson clearly had fun with this project, taking a more active storytelling role than some of NFL Films’ previous protagonists.

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