Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers #87 Jordy Nelson NFL Jerseys

Men's Nike Green Bay Packers #87 Jordy Nelson Elite Black Impact NFL Jersey
Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers #87 Jordy Nelson Elite Black Impact NFL Jersey

It doesn’t sound like Jordy Nelson Jerseys ever came up with a checklist of things he wanted to accomplish in his return from the torn anterior cruciate ligament that cost the Green Bay Packers’ top receiver the entire 2015 season.

Well, there was one thing.

“I’m not saying there wasn’t goals, but there’s different ways to set a goal,” Nelson said Wednesday. “I said my goal was to get ready for Week 1; we were ready for Week 1. So there was one of them checked off.”
Jordy Nelson is on pace for a 90-catch season after missing all of 2015 with an ACL tear.

While most measure his recovery by the Cheap Jerseys production on the field — a team-leading 17 catches for 206 yards and four touchdowns — Nelson has been more interested in the time spent on the field. After playing 54 of a possible 64 offensive snaps in the brutal heat to open the season at Jacksonville, he was on the field for all but three snaps in Week 2 at Minnesota and then 49 of 54 plays in Week 3 against the Lions.

“I think the amount I have played has been extremely positive,” he said.

By any measure, Nelson’s return is off to a strong start. Coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that Nelson had “exceeded the reality” he had for him in his return.

Nelson hit some milestones along the way. He Customized Jerseys caught touchdown passes in each of his first two games even though he had yet to make a play down the field. In Week 3, he posted his first 100-yard game since Dec. 21, 2014, to go along with two more touchdowns.

“I’ve never been a numbers guy,” Nelson said. “I think that’s where a lot of people have been caught up in, ‘He’s averaging this,’ or ‘If you project this over so many games he’s going to do this.’ I mean all I need to do is have a game like Julio [Jones had last week with 12 catches for 300 yards], and those numbers will be out the window.”

After three games, he’s on a 90-catch, 1,100-yard pace. Regardless of whether he keeps that up, it won’t be how he evaluates his return.

Still the questions persisted on Wednesday, when Nelson spoke for the first time since the Packers returned from last week’s bye.

“I don’t know what we’re actually looking cheap jersey wholesale to get to, to be honest with you,” Nelson added. “And I don’t think there’s a way to judge it. Obviously a lot of people will look at numbers, I think numbers can sway both ways. I think they can show too much, I think they can show not enough. So me, personally, the way I feel throughout a game, the way I feel on Monday when we come in after a game, how the body recovers by when we practice on Wednesday, I think that’s what a lot of it is, and it’s gotten better and to be honest with you, I wish we didn’t have a bye week.”

McCarthy admitted he made it tough on Nelson by holding him out of all preseason game action, but Nelson doesn’t exactly view it that way.

“I don’t think he made it difficult; I think my body made it difficult with what happened and some extra stuff we had to do,” Nelson said referring to the left knee injury he sustained during his rehab of his ACL tear. “I think we did what we needed to do to be ready for Week 1. That was our situation we were handed, those were the cards we were dealt. So we handled that thing extremely well between the training staff, the weight staff, the coaches, myself. We all had a role in it. I think we all did a great job in our role and we got enough practice in by Week 1.”

“I’m very satisfied with how it’s turned out and we’re continuing to grow.”

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