Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons #11 Julio Jones Elite Black Alternate NFL Jersey

Men's Nike Atlanta Falcons #11 Julio Jones Elite Black Alternate NFL Jersey
Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons #11 Julio Jones Elite Black Alternate NFL Jersey

“It’s all of the circumstances,” Carroll said cheap jersey wholesale when asked about deciding whether or not to have Sherman move around the field to cover an opponent’s top receiver. “It’s the players that we’re playing against, it’s the matchups from our team to their team, it’s the next level of guys that we match up against, what’s necessary in the game plan, we just take a bucket full of thoughts and decide what seems to fit best.”

And making that decision doesn’t just affect what Sherman does. If Sherman is going to move around to cover Jones on Sunday, that means right cornerback DeShawn Shead will have to play on both sides of the field, and if Jones lines up in the slot, it would move Jeremy Lane to an outside position. Fortunately for the Seahawks if they choose to go that route, both Shead and Lane have shown the versatility to play all over the field, giving the Seahawks more coverage options.

“It’s also not just (Sherman),” Carroll said. “It has to do with the other guys. If the other player is flipping, that’s part of the variable also. We’re at a point where we can do whatever we need to do now.”

Added Sherman: “They’ve always moved Cheap nfl Jerseys around. J-Lane has played both sides his whole career and been in the slot, and Shead has done the same thing. Shead played the slot half of the season last year, so it’s something they’ve been used to doing.”

Regardless of how often Sherman covers Jones on Sunday, the Seahawks have a ton of respect for the All-Pro receiver who ranks third in the league with 517 receiving yards through five games, and who has a league-best 10 catches of 20 or more yards.

“He’s a workhorse, whether it’s a run play or a pass play, he’s going to work,” Sherman said. “He’s going to be blue collar, he’s going to block hard. He’ll go between the tackles and block, he’ll crack block. Sometimes you see receivers not being asked to do that, but his team asks him sometimes to go block a linebacker, and he’ll do the best to do his job, and you can respect that.”

And for Carroll, it’s hardly a surprise Atlanta Falcons Jerseys

“He’s a great player,” Carroll said. “There was a time when we went down to Alabama to go visit him and see if we could have a chance to get recruiting on him. We had a chance to see him in the parking lot, and some people from the school grabbed him and took him into the back room, and before you know it there was an Alabama coach on the way to the campus, and we couldn’t even get near the guy at the time. My point is he has been a great player for a long time. He came out as a great one. He’s just got marvelous talents, and he’s really fast when he gets going down field, and he’s a big play-maker and all that. He’s just a great player.”

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