Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Red Alternate Game Jersey

Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Red Alternate Game Jersey
Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Red Alternate Game Jersey

Cheap nfl Jerseys It has felt at times this NFL season like there are no good teams, or at least no teams without…

The Patriots threw just two interceptions all year as a team, which demolished the previous NFL record. As Pro Football Talk noted, no NFL team—in any era, even when they played 12 games a season—has thrown fewer than five picks. The Vikings threw five this year, all by Sam Bradford. But Brady’s, Garoppolo’s, and Brissett’s combined interception rate was a miniscule 0.36 percent, compared to Bradford’s 0.91 percent. And the Patriots’ trio did this even as they averaged 12.1 yards per completion, which tied for fifth in the NFL, compared to Bradford’s and Shaun Hill’s 9.9 yards per completion, which tied for last. This is not a team that avoided mistakes by going conservative.

OK, so even without Gronk, Brady’s targets aren’t going to be confused for, say, the Eagles’. Julian Edelman, James White, and Martellus Bennett all rank in the Top 20 in yards after catch, and only 1.85 percent of Brady’s passes were dropped (compared to 5.21 percent of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s). Brady also has the advantage of a varied running back group (LeGarrette Blount, Dion Lewis, White, fullback James Develin) that makes his use of play-action that much more effective. But Brady elevates everything and everyone with his ability to make reads at the line of scrimmage and to run through his progressions.

Cheap jersey wholesale This play against the Bills in Week 8 was called back because an ineligible lineman had (barely) moved too far downfield, but watch Brady do a little Aaron Rodgers-like improvisation and take a big hit as he delivers a long TD to Edelman:

Watch Brady recognize before the snap that safety Jonathan Meeks is positioned deep to assist cornerback Stephon Gilmore against wideout Chris Hogan. Brady uses his eyes to lure Meeks toward the middle of the field; Meeks barely takes two steps to his left before Brady launches the ball toward Hogan, turning Meeks around and rendering him useless:

New England Patriots Jerseys Here’s a better view of Brady looking Meeks off. As soon as Meeks (No. 36, bottom right at start of play) takes two steps to his left, Gilmore is toast. And after the play, Gilmore’s reaction makes it obvious he was expecting help:

In that same Bills game, the Patriots lined up with a five-wide spread and an empty backfield. The Bills showed what appeared to be a blitz look up the middle, with two linebackers shaded toward the line of scrimmage. Brady understood a blitz would mean single coverage, but he also understood that if those linebackers rolled into coverage, they’d have to contain something short or in the flat. So what does Brady do? He looks at Julian Edelman, who ran a short curl right near the Bills’ logo. Two Bills defenders bit, leaving Gronkowski in single coverage deep.

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