Men’s New England Patriots Malcolm Butler Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

Men's New England Patriots Malcolm Butler Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey
Men’s New England Patriots Malcolm Butler Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

New England Patriots Jerseys Brown vs. Butler has been an absolute treat to watch each of the past two seasons.

“I think Malcolm understanding how good A.B. is, and A.B. understanding how good Malcolm is, it brought out the best in both of them,” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said. “They challenge each other, and in the professional sporting world, I think that’s awesome.”

Each had the upper hand at different times.

In the 2015 season opener, which was Butler’s first game as the Patriots’ clear-cut No. 1 cornerback following his dramatic Super Bowl-saving interception, Brown was extremely impressive in totaling nine catches for 133 yards and a touchdown. Butler had competitive coverage on several of his catches, but Brown ultimately won more of those situations.

Butler showed how far he has come on Oct. 23 of the 2016 season, recording an end-zone interception while covering Brown in a game started by backup quarterback Landry Jones because Roethlisberger was hurt. Brown still finished with seven catches for 106 yards that day.

“I definitely have respect for the guy, a great player obviously,” Butler said Wednesday. “I love to compete, and he loves to compete also.”

In Pittsburgh, Brown said of Cheap nfl Jerseys Butler: “I have a lot of respect for him. He is a follow-type corner, finishes to the ball, puts hands on you like no other. … He is going to be there. I am excited about having that opportunity.”

Butler stressed that it will take a full team defensive effort to slow down Brown and the Steelers on Sunday, which is something his teammates echoed as well. But there will be times when Butler and Brown are matched up, and who wins that one-on-one situation could ultimately be a major factor in the final outcome.

“Malcolm is a great competitor, he takes this as a big challenge,” said linebacker Dont’a Hightower, one of the Patriots’ two defensive captains. “We obviously know what Antonio Brown is; he’s arguably the best wide receiver in the league. We know what kind of matchup threat he poses.”

“They’re two competitive guys,” added safety Devin McCourty, the Patriots’ other defensive captain. “Relatively around the same size (Butler is 5-foot-11, 190 pounds; Brown is 5-10, 181). Probably if you broke them down they are very similar as far as athletic ability and quickness and speed. I think the biggest thing is them just going out and competing, whether it’s Antonio Brown making a great catch or Malcolm making an interception in the end zone. Just them two going at it.”

Roethlisberger sees the same thing.

“I think any time you’re going
Cheap jersey wholesale against one of the best at their position; that’s kind of really the only one-on-one, if you will mano-a-mano matchups you can get on the field. You can get centers and nose guards and stuff like that, and safeties have to cover tight ends sometimes, but really when you get a corner and a wide receiver you’re going man-to-man, even [at times] when it’s zone stuff,” he said.

Of Butler, Roethlisberger said, “[His] skill set is incredible; can cover down the field. Has speed. Has quickness to cover the underneath stuff. He can mirror guys. I assume he may follow AB around, but he’s a guy that really has come into the role of being pretty much a shutdown corner.”

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