Men’s Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jersey

Men's Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jersey
Men’s Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jersey

Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Sean McVay was named head coach of the Los Angeles Rams just a couple of weeks shy of his 31st birthday, so to say he’s on a fast track in the NFL is putting things mildly.

But as if the duties and responsibilities of being a head coach in the league aren’t daunting enough, McVay is going to be the Rams’ offensive play-caller this season. It’s a task not many head coaches take on – Chip Kelly did it last year in San Francisco, Bill O’Brien took over play-calling duties about a month into the season in Houston, and Andy Reid regularly calls plays for Kansas City.

And there’s one other Cheap nfl Jerseys name on that list: Adam Gase. The Miami Dolphins head coach was also a first-year, young coach (though not as young as McVay) in 2016 and he also was the Dolphins’ offensive play-caller.

Los Angeles needs something: the Rams have had the worst-ranked offense in total yards in the NFL the past two years, and were last in points scored last season, averaging just 14 per game.

Meeting with media at the NFL scouting combine on Thursday, McVay was peppered with questions about the Rams’ offense and quarterback Jared Goff, the No. 1 pick in the draft last year.

McVay likes what he has seen from several offensive players, and sees “encouraging traits” in Goff.

“I think when you look at the personnel, there’s key players in place that you feel good about,” he said. “You look at Todd Gurley, you look at Tavon Austin, two explosive playmakers and you can never have enough of those guys. I see encouraging traits in Jared Goff and some guys up front, you know, when you look at [offensive linemen] Rob Havenstein, Tim Barnes, Rodger Saffold, Greg Robinson showing signs, so I think there’s a lot of things that we’re looking to do moving forward, figuring out what do our players do best. And there are also players we’ll acquire in free agency and the draft that are going to try and help that process of becoming a good offense.”

While lamenting that he won’t get to work with Goff for several more weeks – the Rams can begin the classroom portion of their offseason program on April 10 – McVay discussed how Goff is spending this part of the offseason and how they’ll approach things once they can officially begin working together.

“The improvement plan, one of the things you appreciate about Jared is he’s going about it in a way that he is working with Tom House and those guys that have a lot of respect in terms of the fundamentals, the technique of the position,” he said. “Then once we get Jared in the building it’s going to be about teaching him our system, seeing how he processes things, how he’s able to handle the above-the-neck information, and then be able to translate it to the grass once we get out on the field in phase 2 in the OTAs, so it’s a day-by-day process like we talked about.

“You see the traits, you see the characteristics, really excited to see how he retains information, how it translates to the grass, but very Cheap jersey wholesale excited about Jared and some of the things we’ve seen on tape from him.”

With the Rams coming off dismal offensive outputs over the past couple of years, McVay was asked what would be a reasonable expectation for the Rams this year. He was careful to say improvement will be incremental.

“I think really what we’re looking at is that daily improvement. We’re not going to make any promises, but we are going to focus on getting better every single day, focusing on our process, developing our standard of performance, and if we do that I think you’ll see those incremental improvements that will lead to big things over time,” McVay said. “But we’re just looking to get better every single day, it’s why you can’t wait till April 10 comes along so we can get these players in the building, start teaching them our systems.”