Men’s Detroit Lions Golden Tate Nike White Game Jersey

Men's Detroit Lions Golden Tate Nike White Game Jersey
Men’s Detroit Lions Golden Tate Nike White Game Jersey

Detroit Lions Jerseys He referred to himself as a gadget player, and his team used him that way. Golden Tate lined up on the inside and the outside, ran routes both quick-hitting and slow-developing. He even made a few cameos in the running game.

He was the general assignment player for a Lions offense playing without star receiver Calvin Johnson for the first time in a decade. Tate had a season that started low and ascended upward as he dipped his hand in all kinds of routes.

Statistically, he was at his best in the screen game.

He led league last season in targets and receptions on screen passes by hauling in all 33 that were thrown his way, per Pro Football Focus. More than a third of his 91 catches came on screens, and the 8.18 average yards per catch on them helped him lead the Lions with 1,077 receiving yards.

The screen is such a Cheap nfl Jerseys simple route that sometimes barely looks like one. The ball snaps and is immediately going to one player who is either moving down the line toward the quarterback, down the line away from the quarterback or isn’t moving at all.

It’s an old football play, and it won’t consistently work in a league of adjustments without individual skill sets that play into their success. That’s where Matthew Stafford and Tate made for a special combination, with a quarterback able to fire the ball out so quickly and a receiver built to hide in bunch formations and pick up steam when he has the ball.

It became a popular play call for the Lions as they moved more and more toward favoring pre-snap elements under offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cheap jersey wholesale Cooter. His system has been reduced to “dink-and-dunk” by many outsiders, but it’s really all about simplifying what Stafford has to figure out while the play is going on.

Screen calls allow the quarterback to determine where the ball is going before it’s snapped. Consistent chunk yardage helps get him into a rhythm or break out of a slump. With it, Stafford can better avoid the down and distances that have drawn panic at points in his career.

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