Mens Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson Nike White Game Jersey

Mens Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson Nike White Game Jersey
Mens Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson Nike White Game Jersey

NCAA Jerseys wholesale Terrell Owens is second in NFL history in received yards. He’s third in league history with 153 touchdown catches, eighth all-time in receptions and was a first-team All-Pro five times.

Yet he’s not in the Hall of Fame after two years of eligibility.

Yes, there are mitigating factors when it comes to the fiery Owens, as multiple Hall of Fame voters have described over the past few days that Owens’ attitude and demeanor appear to be at least part of the reason he was not selected either of the Past two years, if not the entire reason

But there are leads to a question. Cheap nfl Jerseys Could Owens preparing longer to get in combined with the list of big-time worthy players mess to the year hurt Calvin Johnson’s chances when the former Detroit Lions great achievement eligible in 2021?

It’s possible

Calvin Johnson will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2021, and only five receivers have ever made it via their first ballot. Gregory Shamus / Getty Images
Owens’ candidacy alone will not hurt Johnson, but considering the list of players who will become eligible in the next few years, there’s a decent chance Johnson will not be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That is under being, Like the best player of his generation regardless of position.

In comparison with one of the Cheap jersey wholesale more than one of the most influential companies in Owens, Johnson was a model teammate at all times . He has spoke out and was universally respected, while Owens had some issues with the club heues for.

If Johnson is not an early-ballot Hall of Famer, though, it’ll be more to do with circumstance and other players involved.

Johnson will be entering the eligibility pool in an insanely strong year, with two likely first-ballot locks in Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson as well as candidates such as Marshawn Lynch, and Jared Allen, all deserving of long looks. Plus, there are often To be leftover candidates from strength classes in front of Johnson, both at receiver and other positions

At Johnson’s own position, working with the assumption Randy Moss should get in the Hall in either 2018 or 2019, the candidates could include at least one of a group of receivers such as Owens, Hines Ward, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce and Reggie Wayne. Other than Owens, none were as transcendent as Johnson, but all had better numbers and better overall team success.

Consider, too, that only five receivers – Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, Paul Warfield, Lance Alworth and Raymond Berry – have been first-ballot Hall of Famers. Michael Irvin, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter and James Lofton all had to wait Orlando Pace, Michael Strahan, Jerome Bettis and Curtis Martin recently had to wait at other positions, too.

So there’s a chance Johnson could join either one of those lists, based on situations his own career could not control.

Johnson, for what it’s worth, told ESPN in December he has not thought about much of the Hall of Fame. The only time he does consider it is when someone – be it his father or someone else – brings it up. Even then He does not ruminate on it much.

First, his potential enshrinement is at minimum four years away. And second, Johnson is content with how he played in his career. He hit goals that he Detroit Lions Jerseys wanted to. He knows how good he was and how people viewed him.

“My thing is, everything I do, I leave it out there and let the chips fall where they may,” Johnson said. “I put put some great numbers. Hell, like I said, if anything, we did not have the Playoff success, the team success that I wanted to have, that I’m sure the organization wanted to have.

“It is what it is. I balled out, had some good years, man, had fun and did it with some guys and made frames that will never end.”

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