Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott isn’t concerned about late-game role

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Men Nike Dallas Cowboys #21 Ezekiel Elliott Navy Blue Thanksgiving Men’s Stitched NFL Throwback Elite Jersey

Dallas Cowboys Cheap nfl Jerseys running back Ezekiel Elliott isn’t complaining about his role late in last Sunday’s 10-7 loss to the New York Giants.

Reserve running back Lance Dunbar was in the game on the Cowboys’ final two drives as Elliott watched from the sidelines.

“I control what I can control,” Elliott said. “I worry about Cheap jersey wholesale what I can worry about. Lance is the third-down back, he does two-minute, it’s been that way all season. It wasn’t really a problem when we were winning, so I don’t see why it’s a problem now.”

Coach Jason Garrett addressed the situation earlier in the week, saying Dunbar has “got a real knack for making plays in those kinds of situations.”

But Elliott is the Cowboys’ biggest home-run threat on offense. He has the team’s longest run of 60 yards this season, and also has the longest catch – an 83-yard touchdown on a screen.

Elliott finished the Giants game with 107 rushing yards on 24 carries, playing in 44 of the Cowboys’ 66 offensive snaps. Dunbar played a season-high 19 snaps.

David Johnson could end up running away with the league lead in combined rushing and receiving yardage.

What’s even more impressive about Johnson is the way he’s gaining those receiving yards. Most backs pick up a fair chunk of their yardage on screens, which can at times be something closer to delayed runs: You’re not beating anybody in coverage, and you have offensive linemen out in front of you to help create running lanes after the catch. The yards still count, but the degree of difficulty is lower.

More than perhaps any other back in the league, the Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys Cardinals basically just use Johnson as a regular old wide receiver a fair amount of the time. Atlanta does this with both Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, and other teams will line up receiving backs like Theo Riddick or Dion Lewis in the slot, but Johnson moves around the formation and runs route combinations alongside Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd like he’s a wideout. Bruce Arians has no qualms about believing he has a mismatch with Johnson against just about any other player on the defensive side.

The typical receiving back will accrue about 35 percent of his receiving yardage on screens. For Zeke, that number is up to 74.8 percent, which is the highest in the league among backs with 200 receiving yards or more. Outside of screen passes, he has 13 catches for 81 yards. Johnson, meanwhile, has used screens to get to 22.2 percent of his receiving yards this year. On passes that aren’t screens, he has 51 catches for 548 yards and three scores. No other back in the league is within 200 yards of DJ as a receiver on non-screens.

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