Atlanta Falcons #21 Deion Sanders NFL Jersey

Men's Mitchell and Ness Atlanta Falcons #21 Deion Sanders Authentic Red Throwback NFL Jersey
Men’s Mitchell and Ness Atlanta Falcons #21 Deion Sanders Authentic Red Throwback NFL Jersey

cheap jersey wholesale Two weeks into the season and people can’t stop screaming about the Redskins. There’s a debate about whether teammates like Kirk Cousins or not and the world is analyzing every single one of Josh Norman’s snaps, wondering why he isn’t shadowing opposing team’s top receivers.

The debate popped up again on NFL Network following Week 2’s action, when Deion Sanders was doing a FaceTime call with DeAngelo Williams about his performance in Pittsburgh’s win over the Bengals. Williams flipped the interview and asked Sanders whether he shadowed guys when he played.

Deion’s answer was fairly self-indulgent, as any answer from Prime Time should be.

“I created [shadowing top receivers]. I invented that. I was the Magna Cum Laude of that. I was the G.O.A.T. of that. I started that. I was the genesis of that,” Sanders said.

Cheap nfl Jerseys Sanders said it was “forever” ago when he pulled it off, creating the phrase “19-whenever” and getting a laugh out of the Steelers running back.

Pressed a little more specifically about it, Sanders said he wouldn’t be able to “look [his] teammates in the face” if a top wide receiver was smoking someone else on the other side of the field.

“This is how it should go down. When you know in the summer and the schedules come out. And I see the schedules and I know they have a Michael Irvin, I know I’ve got that. I knew we would have a Jerry Rice. I know I got that,” Sanders said. “First of all, I couldn’t even look my teammates in the face if I’ve got the top guy killing us and I’m over on the other side whooping the secondary or third guy.”

This is a pretty direct shot at Norman, who in Week 1 spent the afternoon locking down the secondary weapons for the Steelers, while Antonio Brown was busy eviscerating Bashaud Breeland on the other side of the field.

This is also not the first time Sanders has taken up a crusade against a corner sitting on one side of the field. He’s previously praised Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals as a better corner than the Seahawks Richard Sherman because Peterson trails top receivers and Sherman locks down one side of the field.

Atlanta Falcons Jerseys What’s funny about this debate is Norman’s played very well this season. He’s the top-ranked cornerback through two weeks at Pro Football Focus (stats not officially official until Tuesday) and quarterbacks have a 57.4 rating when they throw in his direction.

On the other hand, Dez Bryant just recorded a seven-catch, 102-yard game against the Redskins, a week after Antonio Brown had eight catches for 126 yards against Washington.

The biggest problem here is the Redskins are 0-2 two weeks into the season, which is going to have everyone and their brother looking for a reason why they’re failing. The worse news? Odell Beckham and the Giants are coming to town next week.

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