2016 regular season 15th week of the night game night Panthers @ red skin

Men's Nike Washington Redskins #8 Kirk Cousins Elite White NFL Jersey
Men’s Nike Washington Redskins #8 Kirk Cousins Elite White NFL Jersey

Cheap nfl Jerseys Last season, the two playoff teams are likely to bid farewell to the playoffs this season, the pair will be in the next night game meet. The Carolina Panthers will come to the capital to challenge the Washington Redskins.

Cheap jersey wholesale Washington Redskins in the East last week’s Civil War win the Philadelphia Eagles, 7 wins, 5 losses and 1 level record so that they still retain the impact of the playoff hopes. In the last week, Redskins took over Shawn – Jackson, his old club to face another milestone in his career: he once again scored a 80 yards catch the touchdowns, his career has received 22 times more than 60 yards Passing touchdowns, second only to the Hall of Fame took over Jerry – Rice (23), ranked second in NFL history. This season, Redskins quarterback Kirk – Cousins ​​has been reported 4045 yards, he is also active only one can be in a row more than 4000 + season number of players. Last season, he will eventually yard 4166 yards, this season will certainly exceed this data.

Carolina Panthers beat San Diego last week in the electro-optic, so that they still maintain Washington Redskins Jerseys  a trace of hope in the playoffs, of course, is only theoretically. In addition to this week’s game, they have to beat the Falcons and pirates in the next two weeks in a row, only hope to the League of Nations Southern first name qualifying. From the historical record of view, the Panthers qualify seems to be possible, because in the past 14 games in December / January game, Panthers won 12 games, scored 382 points lost 255 points, if they can Promotion of the playoffs, will become the season’s largest dark horse regular season.

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